Tune into your own rhythm

Find the perfect rhythm for your life

Soaring 25 storeys, a new legend by Ledingham McAllister rises into the sky. Kadence presents a boutique collection of 136 homes in the heart of West Coquitlam.

Whether you want to quietly unwind at home after a week of nine to five, escape the everyday and surround yourself in natural wonder for the weekend, or energize yourself with a night on the town - Kadence gives you a playlist of daily rhythms to tune into whenever you wish.

A lifestyle in balance

Close enough to jump in and enjoy the energy of downtown - far enough away to savour the natural serenity that surrounds you. You'll find shopping, dining, and entertainment options just steps away, as well as daycares, schools, and everyday conveniences nearby. Additionally, there are endless opportunities for recreation, from family-friendly parks to untamed natural wonders waiting to be explored. Kadence caters to your unique rhythm.

Discover the naturaL kadence of your life


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